Third Age und Stainless Steel als "Einfach Installation" erhältlich

  • Ich habe mir mal die Mühe gemacht und TATW als auch SS neu zu verpacken - wie üblich ist es eine "einfach nur durchklicken" Sache.

    Third Age 3.2 ist ein zweiteiliger Installierer der komplett Steam kompatibel ist - mehr Einzelheiten hier:

    Stainless Steel 6.4 ist ein einteiliger Installierer mit dem Meloo Fix eingeschlossen, auch völlig Steam kompatibel - mehr Einzelheiten hier:

  • Hier ist die originale ReadMe vom Fix:

    I'm no part of the SS mod team so this fan made xD

    Major Bugs/CTD fixes:
    -Hospitaler Knights CTD fix by Baraban
    -Italian Men at Arms CTD fix by valky
    -Really Bad AI (Fixes CTD in Battles with reinforcements and generally improves) by G5(Germanicus5)
    Includes vanilla and SS specific fixes
    -FIX for a semi random CTD caused by some Teutonic Order scripted siege around turn 130, Fix by Melooo182
    -CTD fix for mongols and timurid scripted sieges, Fix by stevietheconquer and Geoffrey of Villehardouin
    -Fixed some mistakes in the BM.MDB which caused CTDs with some english Archer.
    -Corrected typo in early era campaign script.
    -Update on Scripted Sieges, greatly reduce likelyness of CTDs related to them.

    Minor Bugs fixes:
    -HRE Teutonics Knights Chapter House Fix by Ishan
    -Woodsman Guild Archers Bonus Fix by Newt
    Included "Disabled RR" version and also "Disabled RR AOR on" of newt's mod
    -Bloodline descriptions and names fix (Alberi di Famiglia Regal submod by Seether) Tweaked
    -Stables and Tourney building HorseBreeder Guild chances fix by Melooo182
    Tourney and Jousting buildings still increase chances for Swordsmith Guild
    -PersistentSpawn of merchant and priest on dead factions fix by Gorrrrrn
    -Faction Leader Death event spam Fix by Melooo182
    -G5 Economy Script Fix (campaign_script.txt) by MWY updatedby gsthoed
    -Mercenary Elephants and Crusader Sergeant fixes by Melooo182
    -Witches with Piety instead of Magic on their traits fix by Melooo182
    Includes a compatible version of Weaker Heretics Mod by Lazy
    -Byzantium is having the wrong stratmap flag when under FOW fix by Melooo182
    -Mongols Priest named as emt_Mongols_Priest_2 Fix by Melooo182
    -Seville should be Badajoz Fix by Melooo182
    -Bishop Trait description Fix by Melooo182
    -Transilvanian peasants texture Fix by Melooo182
    -Corinth misplaced in Early Era Campaign Fix by Melooo182
    -Konigsberg("Palanga") misplaced in Late Era Campaign Fix
    -Knights of Santiago Incorrect Mount Fix by Aymar de Bois Mauri
    -Woodsmen missing UI picture and text description on some cultures by Melooo182
    -Woodsmen Guild Icons Fix for middle eastern and south european factions by Melooo182
    -Horsebreeder Guild Icons Fix for middle eastern factions by Melooo182
    -Lusitanian javelimen duplicate fix
    -Teutonic order emerge script tweak
    -AoR longbowmen available at practice range before they should fix
    -DisableRR Camel Gunners requirements fix
    -Kievan Rus Tsar Crown ancillary fix
    -Princess EducatedWoman trait fix (last level reduced charm)
    -Princess PassionateWoman trait description update (last level reduces fertility)
    -AI priest piety boost when near an heretic trait fix
    -Non-playable battle map location fix
    -Series of Hates/Fears (religion) traits triggers fix (no more muslims that hate muslims etc)
    -Kwarezm proper Agents Info Images and Icons
    -Fatimids renamed to Ayyubids in Late Era (Fatimids were no longer a power in any way by 1220)
    -"Kingdom of León" renamed to "Kingdom of Castile and León" in Early Era (by 1100 Alfonso VI already ruled both)
    -Templar Heavy Spearmen and Lithuanian Late Spearmen animation Fix (they were using macemen animations)
    -No more silver surfers!, fixes most if not all missing or incorrect assigned textures
    -AIGracul faction standing triggers dupe entry removal, by gsthoed
    -Megas Konostaulos ancillary trigger fix, by gsthoed
    -Banner of Herakleios trigger fix, by gsthoed
    -Generals AI WifeTrait negative traits triggers fix, by gsthoed
    -Sorted redundancy in some Post Battle Traits triggers
    -Minor fixes on Late Era Ayyubids localized text and names, by gsthoed
    -Black Plague event location fix for Corinth Late Era
    -gsthoed localized text improvements and fixes, further tweaked and with restored British spelling.
    -More EDCT fixes, Cardinal Corrupted Trait Triggers, Religious Merchant Triggers, MerchantFamily trigger dupe removal
    -Moorish Caliphate renamed to Almoravid Emirate and Almohads Caliphate for early and late era respectively, includes all localized text tweaks and etc
    -Turks and Egypt proper merchant icon
    -Unique Mulsim Assassin Stratmap model fixed and implemented
    -Proper early and late era faction names for "Faction Leader Death" events.
    -Cleaned descr_rebel_factions.txt of unused rebel subfactions.
    -Novgorod and Sicily Spy textures tweak to display better their faction colors and differentiate from each other.
    -Sicily Merchant texture tweak for differentiating better from "Independent" merchants.
    -ME school building icons improvement.
    -Castle Academic Building Tree properly working and with 'new' icons.
    -Optimized Interactive Events script, they should have less impact on turn times now.
    -Included gsthoed's suggestion for improving Important Persons ancillary scripts.
    -Corrected Crusader States priest icon.
    -Aragon agent icons proper colours (some where using spanish gold and red).
    -Faction Killer trait triggers simplified along with workaround script optimization. Thx to gsthoed.
    -Corrected Denmark agent icons.
    -Corrected colours for egyptian Spy icons and texture, now it uses a sand yellow that blends in better with the faction colours.
    -Revised character names files (names.txt, descr_names.txt) mainly cleaning and added some commented out lines for easier modification through submod manager.
    -Late Era starting families revision for better historical accuracy without altering gameplay.
    -Both Early and Late Era starting families edited to include child faction heir/leaders where it would apply, as well as past faction leader distinction where it applies.
    -Changed "has_family_tree no" for "has_family_tree teutonic" so the teutonic order can be destroyed like any other faction.
    -BM.MDB's dismounted_armats_ug1 duplicate renamed to dismounted_armats_ug2 (it could be used as a gothic armour upgrade for dismounted men at arms).
    -New Optimized Economy Script by gsthoed, decreases turn times.
    -General Campaign Script Optimizations done with gsthoed.
    -Removed duplicate entries in export_units.txt.
    -Aragon and Genoa Princesses textures edited to differentiate more from each other and from Castille.
    -Teutonic Order strat map (Faction Leader and Generals) models and texture tweaked, fixing some minor issues they had.
    -Other miscellaneous fixes.
    -2nd Upgrade for english Longbowmen was missing melee maul and small round shield
    -Lithuanian Berserker trait birth trigger fix. Thx to gsthoed.
    -Light Men at Arms and Light Swordsmen fixed mediterranean accent removal, they should use their faction accent now.
    -Byzantine Agent info cards and icons now properly display how the model looks.
    -Aragon Agent info cards updated with proper colours.
    -Minor tweaks on Denmark Agents info cards and icons.
    -Some Polish units info cards and icons updated to actually show how they look in battle.
    -Pistoliers Black Helmets fix
    -Removed some redundant conditions on some Trait and Ancillaries triggers.

    -Newts' "Disable RR AoR on" submod option
    -Lazy's "Weaker Heretics" submod option
    -Custom 2TPY submod option that adds back devastation
    -Horse Breeder Guild for Cities submod option
    -UI units icons and info images fixes by Meneth? (from fixes included in meneth's SMC).
    -Disamounted Turhagut and Dismounted Turhagut? Dupe unit Removed
    there is 1 free slot for a new unit now.
    -New Seljuks Turks stratmap settlements flag consistent with the rest included in the mod.
    -Palanga name changed to Twangste, the real historical name of the pagan fortress located in that place before being
    destroyed by the Teutonic Order and rebuilt as Konigsberg, real Palanga is several Km to the NE of that location.
    Added the code that does the renaming of the settlement once is captured by the Teuntons.
    -Early Era starting families revised for historical accuracy without altering gameplay
    -Starting family members and generals revised for historical accuracy without hindering gameplay.
    -Iraklion renamed to Chandax in Early Era and Candia in Late Era (Iraklion was a name that came in use by XIX c.).
    -Canakkale renamed to Dardanellia (Canakkale is the Turkish name).
    -Iconium renamed to Konya in Late Era (Turkish version of Iconium which had been under Turkish rule for a long time by 1220).
    -Iconium Region renamed to Lycaonia.
    -Isparta renamed to Baris in Early Era (Isparta was the name Turks gave to it in reference to its ancestral name of Sparta).
    -Isparta Region renamed to Pisidia.
    -Improved 'Is of Ayyubid Blood' description, adding a brief Saladin's legacy comment
    -Renamed Henry IV to Heinrich IV in HRE 'Is of Imperial Blood' description, late era displays Friedrich Barbarossa instead
    -Iconium renamed to Iconion in Early Era.
    -Kutaisi Region renamed to Lazica.
    -Trebizond Region renamed to Pontus.
    -Castle Academic for all factions submod option.
    -Late Era starting families revision for better historical accuracy without altering gameplay.
    -Campaign Customization adapted to work with the new changes, the modules can be found in ".../SS6.3/data/campaign/CS_Customization.7z".
    -SS_campaign_map_reset.bat, a batch file to force the game to regenerate the campaign map.
    -SS_events_dat_idx_reset.bat, a batch file to force the game to recreate the events.idx and events.dat files after making changes to the sound txt files.
    -Spying Reduced Faction Leader Dread Submod, original submod by Master Zuma.
    - Lithuania Faction Leader Death Events were completely missing.
    - More varied princess come of age notification event images (Campaign Script Customization submod).
    - BGR2 setup txt tweaked for greater compatibility with other submods.
    - Fixes to some campaign script errors/oversights from my part + general improvements thanks to gsthoed.
    - Tweak on extras submod for better compatibility and installation order.
    - Included Batch file that cleans the mod folder of some bloat files, unnecessary for the mod as well as left overs from previous Bugfix Compilations not needed any more or that could cause conflicts.
    - Cleaning in some text files that had junk code lines
    - Removed some unnecessary files from the bugfix compilation package
    - Texture fix for cumans and kievan rus strat map general models
    - Further Campaign Script optimization
    - EDCT and EDA triggers optimizations
    - Timurid captains and generals texture tweak
    - Lithuania stratmap captains and general tweak
    - More Agents UI icons and info portraits tweaks
    - Early Era mongols spawn script tweaks, 1 of the random named generals erroneously had the factionleader trait
    - Aragon Men at Arms early access and inconsistency with stable upgrades fix.
    - Teutonic Order leather/padded texture file folder location correction (was in perkunas units folder...don't ask me why xD)
    - Teutonic Order "AttachmentSets" textures corrections.
    - Edited models for Heavy Mail Light Men at Arms (just have a beefier torso to represent extra mail thickness like Spearmen Sergeants)
    - Extra miscellaneous corrections in BattleModels.modeldb, fixing stuff like mismatching normal maps and etc.
    - Sicily Early Era Starting Forces fix, Mailed Knights replaced by Norman Cavalry (Miles).
    - Miscellaneous text tweaks.
    - Updated 2TPY submod, now reduces settlements income a 25% and halves religious conversion rates, slowing down the game pace.
    - Further Campaign Script improvements.
    - More Historical tweaks for Late era starting families.
    - "Disable RR AoR on" Dismounted Ghulams not available for egypt fix.

    Each Bugfix has been credited Properly
    Thanks to the many DIY bugfixes posted in twcenter SS forum
    specially G5, newt, bane, MWY, Baraban, valky, Gorrrrrn, Aymar and gsthoed for his many contributions.

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