Rome II: Patch 3.0 und Beta Patch 4.0 veröffentlicht

Abstimmung für den finalen Termin des virtuellen Forentreffens 2021: klick mich!
  • CA strickt weiterhin an Patches für Rome 2. Mittlerweile wurde der Patch 3.0 und der Beta Patch 4.0 veröffentlicht. Da die Liste der Fixes in beiden Patches mehr als 200 Dinge umfasst, hier nur die wichtigsten im Detail. Ein vollständige Liste der Verbesserungen beider Patches findet ihr hier.

    • Improved AI construction logic: It now constructs more military buildings.
    • Improved AI army compositions and unit quality. The AI uses better units and slightly less ranged units.
    • AI research is focused more on military techs at the start of the campaign.
    • The AI is now much more careful with constructing buildings that consume food or increase squalor. This has improved the AI's ability to fight food shortage problems.
    • The AI runs its troops less often in battle often, and so avoids exhausting its troops by the time they reach their opponents.
    • AI defensive ambush behaviour improved.
    • The AI now arranges its forces to more appropriately deal with simultaneous front and side attacks. This involves angling and bifurcation of its line with appropriate units to deal with the player’s use of flanking or harassing forces.
    • When generating armies, the AI is now more likely to choose elite units when it has the funds to do so.
    • Improved AI use of Pikemen in battles (more commonly lower pikes to accept charges).
    • Increased chance of AI making alliances in diplomacy.
    • Slightly increased the effects of diplomatic events on relations with third party factions, and the AI remembers diplomatic events for a longer period of time.


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