Hearts of Iron 3

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    • Hearts of Iron 3

      Paradox Interactive keeps the Grand Strategy genre in its iron grip with the much awaited announcement of Hearts of Iron 3

      New York, USA (August 20, 2008) – Amidst a backdrop of fevered online speculation, Paradox Interactive has today finally revealed the true identity of "Project Mayhem" at the Games Convention in Leipzig. The next Grand Strategy title to be released from the Paradox Interactive development team is the third instalment in the critically acclaimed Hearts of Iron series.

      The Hearts of Iron series has become renowned for beingthe biggest, most detailed and complete strategic game series on World War 2 ever made. Hearts of Iron 3 will follow that tradition closely while focusing on satisfying veteran players through a multitude of brand new features and systems, including a huge map with more than 10,000 provinces.

      It's clear this is a game that fans of our titles have been eagerly anticipating", commented Johan Andersson, Head of Development at Paradox Interactive. "Before revealing the project, our upcoming announcement online forum received more than 14,000 page views in less than 24 hours with a third installment of Hearts of Iron seemingly being at the top of everyone's wish list."

      Hearts of Iron 3 is scheduled for release in Q3, 2009. For any enquiries on this or other Paradox Interactive titles, please e-mail pr@paradoxplaza.com.

      Meet Paradox Interactive in Exhibition Hall 3 – A02 to find out more about this game.

      About Paradox development

      The experienced development team has released more than 20 titles, including multiple award winning titles like Hearts of Iron 2, uropa Universalis II, Europa Universalis III. The next project, Hearts of Iron 3 is said to be the teams biggest production to date.


      Was soll ich dazu sagen? :ka: :lol3:

      Wichtiges in diesem Thread:
      Patch 3.05 für "For the Motherland"
      Spoiler anzeigen
      Full Changelog:

      - Game mechanics & Balance
      - Fixed, so the reserve units does affect the threat (but with reduced impact by RESERVES_PENALTY_SIZE)
      - Fixed surrendering factor formula, so it's (CoreStillControlledVPs / OwnedVPs).
      - Fixed bug in scenario mode - expeditionary forces from countries that are not enabled for scenario did not regain their organisation.
      - When the war is over, the political laws that does not met the current requirements, gets changed (for free) to the optimal one and a message notification appears about that.
      - Fixed "Camera zoom to mouse pointer" bug, when interpolating between pacific date line.
      - Fixed bug - Revolt next to low infra province that is an enemy, was changing controller back and forth every day.
      - Fixed bug - it was impossible to build underground resistance, even if was at war and lost provinces.
      - Now undergrounds are removed when the province is (re)captured by the non-hostile country.
      - fixed issue with CAGs not dying when at zero strength and being without base
      - units without subunits are now properly removed when not reorganizing
      - Fixed bug - Mobilised nations at peace, are unmobilised when game is saved and reloaded.
      - Gulf of Chihli modifier checks for faction members holding the needed provinces too
      - Fate of France nag event should fire only once
      - Fixed strategic resources sharing, between countries that are at war.
      - SCW start event gives cores to SPA
      - First Vienna Award no longer gives POL anything
      - War economy and Total economic mobilisation now grant 10%/25% more resources
      - Fixed validating current laws that went insane
      - Fixed acting capital location, so it goes back to original one, when the peace breaks out.
      - Added feature - when TheatreHQ got destroyed, all units under hierarchy gets automatically reassigned to the new optimal TheatreHQ if created.
      - subs now twice as hard to detect after convoy attacks
      - if a nation with puppets surrender and you have no goal agaisn the puppets they become yours
      - if a nation with puppets surrender and you have wargoals against the puppets they stop being puppets and you continue to be at war with them.
      - party organization effects from spies now have less effect
      - Peace is now possible when war between (faction member country [not a leader]) vs (non faction member country) and there is no war with the faction leader.
      - added prepare_for_war decision for small nations to lower their neutrality
      - Doubled time and cost of underground bases
      - aquire all cores wargoal now properly selectable
      - neutrality modifier from unclaimed cores now only trigger vs the country who has your cores
      - larger hull size now make disengaging from combat more difficult in naval combat
      - sub surprise chance now up 5%
      - ships take more strength damage from combat
      - rebalanced naval stacking penalties
      - Fixed Finland Winter War concessions
      - trade now cost less diplomatic influence
      - rebalanced hull values & related techs of ships
      - transports have bit more hull
      - Full Mobilisation and war economy requires a bit lower neutrality for democracies
      - German Destiny decision now gives boosts to hard/soft attack
      - greenland new continent to handle peace with iceland better (although not in interfaces etc)
      - Axis faction goals now have more pacific aims by default
      - Added German text for declare limited war
      - Added decision for SOV to remove their disorganised officer modifier
      - Cannot enact prepare for war if a government in exile
      - increased base cap on ports
      - threat impact of unit deployment lowered (particularly reserves)
      - strategic resources from people not in your faction but within close enough alignment are only shared at war times to stop early buildup exploits.
      - SOV restore officer corps decision can also be done if FIN is a puppet
      - Fixed bug with autodeployment airplanes to specific theatres.
      - Fixed bug about convoys being automaticly created, even when there is no resources produced in specified area but money.
      - Disabled possibility to upgrade units in scenario mode.
      - Fixed exploit glitch - it was possible to assign another order, when current order cannot be cancelled. (org decrease when rebasing exploit).
      - increased polish neutrality at start of game
      - Fixed paradrop mission so it doesn't takeoff when not ready yet (org/str too low).
      - Fixed incorrect experience of pride of the fleet.
      - ally calling cost less influence
      - Rodina no longer boosts leader defence
      - unlimited national emergency triggers from YUG being beated or ENG having lost VPs
      - Germany can enact Destiny even if at war with USA now
      - Fixed provinces clipping, when camera is at max zoom out.
      - Fixed bug about the convoy that was shipping the resources from non-existing anymore Ethiopia.
      - Fin has a new event 'the white death' to help with defense a bit during winter war

      - Interface
      - Fixed tooltip message in unit view, that every unit got message "not allowed to move" which was not true.
      - Fixed general tooltip message, that always said that "the unit is too disorganised to move".
      - Now, opening theatre view while there is some theatre selected on the map, it gets selected in the view as default.
      - Fixed airplane construction page, so it has a column with "land defence" instead of "sea defence".
      - Fixed bug in editbox (entering unit name). Dot '.' was also triggering DEL key, causing malfunction in text input.
      - Battlecruizer mesh has been reverted, because it wasn't rendered at all.
      - Fixed GUI bug - sliders goes to front over the event window when in technology or production view.
      - Corrected typo in "Fleet Concentration"
      - Added text for REB_CAG_MISSION_DESC, which is a copy of REBASE_CAG_MISSION_DESC, to fix missing text.
      - Fixed continuation_war text
      - Fixed GUI bug - mounting multiple units onto the navy transport, causes gui corruption in unit view.
      - Fixed subunit speed display precision.
      - added possibility to select multiple units by holding SHIFT and pressing SELECT at the "selected units list" panel.
      - dissent only displayed with one decimal when large
      - in air mapmode selecting units highlights their range indicators and dims others which makes it work much better when there is a lot of air bases
      - Fixed black gaps over the invalid lake provinces in scenarios.
      - added text for prepare_for_war
      - added text for acquire_all_cores
      - fixed some german localisation errors
      - Fixed bug, when app in window mode, and mouse is outside the window while window not focused, the provinces tooltip was showing info about provinces that are outside of the view frustum.
      - Fixed unit speed tooltip, so it shows actual speed per total max speed, only if actual speed is affected by some penalty.
      - Fixed message display when prompted for aligning toward faction (showed "-1" instead of "unlimited period" ).
      - Fixed bug - when align toward some faction, the temporary modifier appears multiple times on the list
      - Fixed the reason for the camera frustum clipping with provinces, when it's at the max zoom out.
      - Fixed missing glyph int the "karta" font that caused corrupted country names, in German language.
      - Province view, shows 0 infra-bars on provinces that has not enough intel
      - Fixed GUI glitch - when switching between the top button pages, the outliner cross "+" was blinking.
      - Fixed message formatting for naval battle, so it's more clean now.
      - Fixed combat listbox-element that overlapps the CAGs in the single-unit-view panel, if there is more then 3 of them.
      - fixed translation of theatres in german
      - Fixed deployment window bug - got stuck on target HQ's when deploying last-but-one unit.
      - German text added
      - Fixed minor GUI glitch, in technology view the magnify glass icon get overlapped by confirm icon when AI-controll and time unpaused.
      - peace regions will have a (*) after their name in region mapmode tooltips

      - Stability & Performance
      - Fixed CTD when playing multiplayer, and pressing on allied country (controlled by another player) in theatre view.
      - Fixed CTD, when whole poland filled with undergrounds, and spawning partisans all at once.
      - fixed crash when claiming all of a country through area wargoals
      - Fixed CTD when doing a full revolt, when all provinces of ocupied country has underground bases.
      - Fixed corrupted events when loading savegame in scenario mode.
      - Fixed potential CTD according to new unit-multi-selection with SHIFT key feature.
      - optimized convoy attack code
      - fixed potential crash when aborting invasion plans
      - small optimization: trees are now only refreshed in mapmodes containing trees
      - fixed crash issue on autosaving when units loaded on planes had not been properly removed
      - fixed a random crash issue when US went to war after unlocking undeclared war zones
      - Fixed a bug in the Allow Debt score causing the AI to go into a loop
      - fixed a rare crash issue when removing a unit without sprite
      - fixed syntax problem in unthinkable scenario
      - Fixed bug - getting money from nowhere when save and reload.

      - AI Improvements
      - Sikian ai should no longer align to axis when at war with japan.
      - ai wont use party boosting on random countries it isn't hostile to
      - German AI should now be happy with the bitter peace and not go for more of soviet land later
      - UK/USA will monitor more middle east countries so they do not shift
      - SIK will no longer align itself with the axis but instead the allies
      - Reworked how the AI stockpiles supplies a bit
      - Tibet will never give anyone military access.
      - Warlords will no longer give Japan military access.
      - Yugoslavia/Greece will start leaning toward the Allies if Italy goes to war with the UK
      - CHI, CXB, CSX, SIK, CGX, CHC has had their tech research and production fine tuned
      - Production issue fix if special forces was marked as 0 it will now build none
      - Soviet AI tech research and production fine tuned for early years to focus on land
      - Japan had research and production fine tuned
      - Fixed a bug where fort size being built by the AI would be larger than specified in the LUA file
      - Fixed a bug in the Diplomacy Chinese AI where it would cause a LUA error
      - After Japan gets Siam in the war they will no longer influence anyone
      - UK and USA have ASW tech added to prefer list.
      - Italy and Germany added ASW tech to ignore list.
      - Garrison unit builds will not have Engineers or Rocket Artillery attached to them
      - Manchuria has had its research narrowed down and builds just like the warlords
      - Made another minor adjustmetns to the Supply slider AI so it wont fluctuate so heavily.
      - Adjusted Germanies build ratios a little based on Siegfried line being finished.
      - Germany will build a bit more infantry and garrison units.
      - AI officer ratio gets to low it will move all the Spy allocations to NCO production
      - AI has enough diplomats and NCO ratio to low it will shift them to NCO instead of Research
      - AI will cancel military access if relations get to low
      - AI will cancel Allow Debt if relations get to low
      - Redesigned Military Access hooks (condensed down to one call)
      - Yugoslavia should no longer offer Italy military access right at the start of 1936 scenario
      - Sweden will be more open minded to give Germany military access if allied with Finland and Norway is involved
      - Removed code in the German LUA to Demand Military access that was not doing anything.
      - Germany should mobilize a few weeks before invasion of Poland (roughly 3 weeks prior)
      - Germany will no longer invade Norway till the fight for France starts
      - Rewrote how Germany DOWs countries to perform better
      - Germany should invade Yugoslavia and Greece now if not in the Axis and they have a border
      - China/Warlords had their land doctrinces prios focused more
      - Siam had their research and production focused like the Warlords
      - UK will build less land units from 1936 to 1938 if at peace and focus more on air power
      - Changed production hooks that are dependent on Core Provinces to always fire
      - Underground base moved to the top of the production loop so the AI will build more
      - Soviets will build lots of industry early years in the Urals region
      - Added a new overide for structures that lets you execute country specific code and the generic code both
      - Germany will produce less transports
      - Fixed an issue if Germany annexed France (instead of Vichy) it would not DOW Russia
      - Denmark will focus on building a fleet more than an army
      - Luxemburg should no longer build a large army and use all its mp
      - UK will build less land units in the early years and allot more ships and air
      - Italy will build more ships
      - Soviets will build EVEN MORE industry
      - AI will cut down on land units if manpower is running short
      - Germany will never build an Underground
      - Production AI optimized and done like Tech AI.
      - Potential catch to prevent the AI from overbuild over Manpower caps.
      - Germany will not DOW Norway if he has less than 5 transports
      - Major powers convoy buffer will try and maintain either 20% or 20 whichever is larger
      - Germany will be more careful when calling in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria in as allies.
      - Germany will build lots of infantry in the early years then switch to more armor etc..
      - USA will DOW Vichy if they are part of the allies
      - ai will not do invasions if currently planning attack on neighbor to get a better handle on number of troops
      - fixed an issue where invasion size was calculated incorrectly and you couldnt get enough troops
      - FIN will now garrison its borders sanely vs SOV and not fear norway
      - GER ai now allowed to start planning barbarossa a month earlier
      - GER ai wont attempt sealions before feeling secure about the soviet threat
      - ai's ready for war checks now have a time limiter on 6 months. if we are not done by then we will consider doing a riskier attack
      - fixed issue with YUG giving ITA military access on day one
      - tweaked ai evaluation of forts when defending
      - some extra hidden gems you will have to find while playing :P

      - Database Changes
      - Updated to include changes from community map project
      - Removed JAP's ships under construction in Southern Conquests
      - Tarapoto, Yellowknife, and Great Bear lake have higher infra
      - Removed 1579 and 1810 from polish_germany_region
      - Changed some Bulgarian ministers
      - fixed history file for province 3345
      - fixed a region issue in russia where a province belonged to Canada.
      - fixed issue with finnish '36 OOB where two one brigade units were combined to stop them being easily overrun in winter war
      - Crete event in DF should remove 22nd Guards Brigade correctly
      - Changed Maastricht from forest to wood
      - Changed Den Haag from marsh to plain
      - fixed unit positioning in Middelburg
      - combined some very weak french units that were making the maginot defence a bit random
      - Bartenstein and Goldap provinces belong to Soviet Union in Unthinkable
      - FIN's new provinces enabled for Unthinkable
      - Removed FIN_126 region from Unthinkable as it no longer exists
      - GER starts with 140% officers in '36

      - Modding
      - new NAVAL_INTERCEPTION_AFTER_ATTACK_FACTOR define to control detection chance after convoy attacks
      - base cap on ports now moddable as NAVAL_BASE_EFFICIENCY

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    • Mehr als 10.000 Provinzen? Oh Mann, das muss ja gewaltig sein. Aber was hat man sich unter diesem Titel vorzustellen? Ist das so etwas Ähnliches wie Europa Universalis, oder so was wie Commandos, oder so was wie eine Mischung aus beidem, oder so was wie Total War?
      Wars are comming and wars are going.
      But my warriors stand forever.
    • Mh.... Habe HOI wie auch HOI II gespielt, war lange der umfangreichen Diplomatie von EU III erliegen.... wurde jedoch nach einigen Zeit dann doch wieder entäuscht, da sich an dem wohl gröbsten Manko nie etwas tat : Man wurde für seine Taten nicht belohnt....

      Wurde eine Schlacht gewonnen war die Euphorie für einen selbst meist ebenso ausgeprägt, als hätte man selbige verloren. Keine Siegeszüge durch die Straßen ( Ok das gabs bei TW auch nich) keine Resultate bzw. keine grafische Untermalung oder auch Statistik die auskunft gab, wie gut man eigentlich war.

      Eine Nation wurde vernichtet ? --> Popup..... Eine Nation erklärt mir den Krieg ? --> Popup.... Wir haben eine Provinz verloren ? --> Übersehen....

      Mir fehlten Grafiken die wenigstens vermuten ließen, das überhaupt eine Schlacht im gange ist und nicht mehr nur vorbereitet. Der Schwerpunkt des Spieles war mir schlicht zu Theoretisch.... was bei TW zu viel, hatte EUIII zu wenig!

      Vielleicht bin ich einfach zu verwöhnt doch eine kleine Priese von " Bewegten Bildern " würde der Serie einfach gut tun. Vielleicht kurze Mitschnitte aus der Schlacht die einen Rückzug oder Angriff verdeutlichen, oder über die Verbissenheit der beiden Streitmächte auskunft geben. Ich hoffe bei HOI III nehmen sie endlich abstand von " Standbildern ", solangsam müsste doch auch Paradox genug Geld gescheffelt haben um sich die eine oder andere Engine zu leisten.
    • Likedeeler schrieb:

      Ladegos schrieb:

      Was soll ich dazu sagen?

      Must have!
      Kann es sein, daß Du bei Looki unter anderem Account unterwegs bist? :grübel:

      Bis denn, de Deeler

      Hab Hearts of Iorn 2 mit den Addons auch lange gespielt.

      Wieso kommst du darauf das ich bei euch unterwegs bin?
      (Wenn du denkst ich hätte vielleicht die News von euch....nein, wenn dann schaue ich nur den Medieval 2 Bereich bei euch an. Die News hab ich wohl von einem der größten Strategieforen Deutschlands)

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    • Hab den Trailer auch schon auf der GC gesehen und ich muss sagen es verspricht sich grafisch wohl massiv zu bessern, in diesem Fall würde ich mir HoI 3 sofort kaufen, dieser Exel-Tabellen-Charme hat mich bisher immer vom kauf eines Teils der Serie abgehalten.
    • Ach da ist Stendal? Hätte das jetzt eigentlich an die polnische Grenze gesetzt. :D

      dieser Exel-Tabellen-Charme

      Das trifft es ziemlich genau. Ist denn schon irgendwie durchgesickert, was denn so alles anderes sein soll ( außer der Provinzanzahl ) gegenüber den Vorgängern oder macht man es sich dort leicht, nimmt ein bestehendes Spiel, ändert ein paar Sachen, verzichtet auf Patches und bringt lieber gleich einen neuen Titel raus?

    • Mogges schrieb:

      Ach da ist Stendal? Hätte das jetzt eigentlich an die polnische Grenze gesetzt. :D

      :Motz: :teufel1: :Motz:

      Insgesamt wird es "aufgebessert". Es wird um einiges größer von der Karte her.
      Divisionen lassen sich individualler gestallten.
      Es wird Exilregierungen geben, die dann Untergrundgruppen im Land unterstützen.
      Armeen können Fronten zugeteilt werden.
      Forschung wird an HoI 1 angelehnt sein.

      Wirkliche Siegesbedingunge soll es geben...für den der es braucht. :rolleyes:

      Ihr mit eurer Exeltabelle....habt ihr euch schonmal eine Exeltabelle angeschaut und dann das Spiel? :stimmt:

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    • Vielen Dank, Laddie. Welcher Besoffener Kartograph saß denn an der Map für die Alpha Version? Senftenberg südlich von Wittenberg? Brandenburg westlich von Wittenberg? Der alte Dessauer würde sich im Grabe umdrehen, wenn Anhalt nicht auf die Karte kommen würde. :pfeif:

      Forschung wird an HoI 1 angelehnt sein.

      Hauptsache, die Tech Teams bleiben uns erhalten, ansonsten bitte, bitte die Forschung noch detaillierter, facettenreicher darstellen, aber nicht im Atom-Sektor, wer forscht schon wirklich intensiv danach. :rolleyes:

      Ich freu mich jedenfalls riesig und kann es kaum erwarten, die neue, große Karte anzuspielen. Das verspricht komplexere Kriegszüge.
      :bischof: Anhänger der Bewegung zum Verbleib von Lucius Vantarius und Gegner von Waschmitteln namens Brax :bischof:
    • Ladegos schrieb:

      Divisionen lassen sich individualler gestallten.
      Nur kann man das leider bei den Schlachten nicht sehen, insofern ist der unglaubliche Detailreichtum fast schon unnötig. Wenn ich als Deutscher die Polen überrenne und an meinen Divisionen noch unzählige Artillerie-Bataillone dranhängen habe, änders das am Ausgang der Schlacht nicht irrsinning viel, weil ich sie ja taktisch nicht so einsetzen kann, wie ich das auf einer richtigen Schlachtkarte könnte. D.h. es werden dann abstrakte Kampfwerte rechnerisch addiert und die führen zum Erfolg; das kann ich aber auch mit ein oder zwei zusätzlichen Infanteriedivisionen erreichen.

    • @ Nonsens

      Es heißt auf der Karte nicht mal "Brandenburg". ;) :wall: :D
      Es wird gemunkelt das es keine Forschungsteams mehr geben soll, aber das ist wohl nur ein gerücht.
      Wurde noch nirgendens bestätigt, soviel ich weiß.
      Es soll nach Forschungspunkten gehen.
      Würde es auch schade finden wenn die Forschungsteams rausfallen würden.
      Ich fand die immer eine gute Idee.

      Forschung wird jetzt auch unendlich sein.
      Man kann jetzt Soft und Hardattack erforschen bei einzelnen Waffen und dadurch dann eine Division mit starken Mörsern haben, aber mit schelchten Gewehren.
      So oder so ähnlich.
      Bei HoI 1 war es auch so das man nur hochgeforscht hat und nicht wie bei HoI 2 eine ganz neue Infantriedivision.
      Wobei ich mich dann frage wie das Modernisieren werden soll?

      @ Mogges

      Du hast schon teilweise recht.
      Aber jetzt ist es so in HoI 2 das man Infantriedivisionen hat, die nicht wirklichw as gegen Panzer ausrichten können.
      Auch wenn man nur ein PAK Battalion dazupackt.
      Durch die neue Individualität kann man sich besser auf den Gegner einstellen....als Russe zum Beispiel in Südrussland mehr Panzerabwehreinheiten und im Norden was für die Sümpfe. Das wird es schon bringen. Es gibt ja auch mehr Provinzen die man jetzt erobern kann. Natürlich wirft man da auch nur Conuter gegeneinader, aber wenn du den falschen hast, dann bist du aufgeschmissen....denn Gelände und Wetter zählt ja bei HoI 2 auf der karte auch, also wird es bei HoI 3 nicht anders sein.

      Signaturen sind wie Frauen:
      Hat man keine will man eine, hat man eine will man ne andere

    • Wenn man das Gelände mit einberechnet mag das durchaus Sinn machen, muß ich mal ausprobieren. An der Darstellung des Geländes und des Wetters müssen die aber noch enorm arbeiten, denn außer ein paar Farbschattierungen sieht man da auch nur mit sehr geübtem Auge Unterschiede.

      Forschung wird jetzt auch unendlich sein.

      Das heißt, man kann als Argentinier den Warp-Antrieb erforschen?

    • Hello everybody and welcome to our first development diary for Hearts of Iron 3.

      It is two weeks since we showed our first alpha screenshot, and as you all know, we've been busy little bees here, working hard at implementing our designs since then. The focus the last weeks have been on the land combat algoritms, which we will talk about in a few weeks, and on politics and diplomacy.

      The Map
      Since everyone looks at the map quite a lot when they play our strategy games, I thought it would be a good idea to explain these philosophies in our first diary here. There are two aspects to the map philosophy, style and setup.

      When it comes to style, our vision is to create a map that feels like a WW2 map, like it could be a map which upon a commander in the War would be looking at himself. We're going with an almost flat 2d-style, with pale-grey coloring scheme to give that special WW2 feel. I personally feel our artist have managed to move towards that goal rather nicely so far.

      10,000 provinces, the Hearts of Iron 3 map has over 10,000 land provinces. To put this in perspective there were exactly 2608 total provinces in Hearts of Iron 2. We didn’t do this just to add more; we could of added 100, 200 maybe even a 1,000 more provinces and went there you go Hearts of Iron 3 gives you more. In fact when came to set up the number of provinces we had no hard number in mind, 10,000 was just the result. However we knew we wanted a bigger map with more provinces and to do this we had to solve a number of technical problems. However we are rather pleased that we have managed to create a map that is 9 times bigger (the length and breadth have been increased by 3 times) without everyone having to go out and buy the very latest graphics cards. We’ve also achieved this without having to compromise on the modability of the map, for those of you who enjoyed modding or playing mods on the EU3 or Rome map, Hearts of Iron 3 will be able to offer you the same.

      With that in mind you are probably asking why did we do it? Well the first reason is that we can give more provinces to areas that didn’t have as many in Hearts of Iron 3. All continents have more provinces now, but we could add more to places that were not as favoured in Hearts of Iron 2. The Asian mainland is a big winner here, the Sino-Japanese war and the War in Burma now have a broader front in which people can plan and manoeuvre. Adding something to these wars.

      What we did is to create three size groups of provinces, for ease we will call them small, medium and large. We aimed to make the provinces approximately all the same size inside these groups. This map is not about modelling various administrative regions inside countries but a place for fighting wars.

      When it came to placing these provinces small provinces are usually found on coasts (like the east coast of America) and places were there were combat, Europe, large parts of China, South East Asia. The medium sized provinces then appear adjacent to the small provinces, and finally the large provinces are in places that are considered less important, large tracts of Siberia and the inland parts of the Sahara desert come under this category. Essentially the medium sized provinces act as transition provinces between large and small.

      So to give you a sense of scale, the Burmese and Manchurian border have had their total number of province roughly tripled. While the Soviet Union’s 1936 border has seen its province total double (note I am not giving out hard numbers at the moment because the map is most definitely not set in stone and we will be seeking to continue to improve it all through development). This is something we really wanted, double the provinces means double the choices of where to attack and doubles the number of spots you have to think about defending. Giving players choices like this is always good; more choices like these means more strategic thought is required.

      We also wanted to give combat a more blitzkrieg feeling. With more provinces there is more opportunities for you to carve out armoured breakthroughs and exploitation. Creating opportunities for encirclements or battles of manoeuvre were both sides. Mobile troops attack and counter attack. We are aiming to try and create a canvas were you can practice the operational art.

      Here is an example of our philosophy, as we look at south of england.

      Signaturen sind wie Frauen:
      Hat man keine will man eine, hat man eine will man ne andere

    • Hello everybody, and welcome to the 3rd edition of the HoI3 development diaries.

      This last week our development team have been working on various concepts like political interfaces, logistics and diplomacy. We've seen plenty of people stay extra hours just because its such a fun part of the development cycle right now.

      So today, we'll talk about Technology.As ever let’s start with our philosophy, if we look at the evolution of the tech system in Hearts of Iron series we first of had the in-depth technology system of HoI1, which was practically a game in itself. However it did have several weakness, besides being much micromanagement, there also was no differentiation between the abilities of the countries, research was research and as long as you had the IC you could be good at anything.

      With Hearts of Iron 2 we brought in the tech team, this gave us country specialisations; Germany was good at certain things, the US good at others. Which was good, however its weakness was that these were hard coded, Germany could never be good at aircraft carriers no matter how hard it tried, and the US would always be good at aircraft carriers no matter how little effort it put in. Also with the more streamlined system we also lost the ability to differentiate between the technology focuses of countries more. Our goals were three parts, keep the clarity of the Hearts of Iron 2 system, make the system more dynamic in that your technology abilities would evolve and try to bring back in as much of the different units that the Hearts of Iron system offered.

      The sad result is that tech teams could not feature in our new system. We liked them, we really wanted to keep them but just couldn’t find a way to accommodate them in the system. What we have replaced them with are various theory and practical values representing the accumulated research knowledge and practical experience a country has in various fields. These can be defined for a country at the start, thus giving us the initial specialisations that the tech teams in Hearts of Iron 2 offered, but as these values increase and decay according to what a country is doing. Thus we have a system that dynamically evolved according to how you decide to steer the country. As was mentioned in the previous dev dairy practical values are gained from building things while theoretical knowledge is gained from research. In general practical experience gives larger bonuses than theoretical. If take the Soviet Union as an example here, the Soviet union will be set up with it theoretical and practical experience in areas like tanks, with very little in naval. However if the player wishes (foolishly some would say) to turn the Soviet Union into a naval power by putting more production and research focus into ships they are free to do so. The more the do so the better the Soviet Union will become at building and researching ships. But at the cost of steadily loses its abilities in fields like armour.

      As a general rule, there are of course exceptions, theoretical bonuses tend to cover a wide spread of technologies while the practical bonuses are more specific. To give an example we have a broad theory aeronautic engineering, that covers the majority of aircraft techs as a theory, however practical is divided up into 3 narrower categories, single engine (FTR, INT & CAS), twin engine (TAC & NAV) and four engine (STR & TRS). We also have the ability that one technology can give bonuses to as many unit types as we like. So for aircraft, you can have very general techs like aircraft engine that boost all aircraft (yes you can but a Merlin Engine on your Lancaster bomber), practical group techs like single engine airframe (these improve FTR, INT & CAS) and finally highly focuses techs like air launched anti ship weapons that only improve NAV (this tech also gains bonuses for accumulate naval research experience). I think about now I should mention that all these aspects are of course fully modable.

      What should also have noticed here that we no longer have models, instead we have technologies that increase the maximum values a unit can have and if unit can upgrade to these values it will. This allows us to do really nice things like divide up what would be a single technology that gave in a model in Hearts of Iron 2 in several separate techs. So if we take tanks here as example, you can separately research a tank gun, tank engine, tank armour and tank reliability (just for the record reliability effects the ability for the tank unit to withstand damage on the attack, unreliable tanks tend to break down). How we set these values can give a countries tanks brigades with different values with out the straight jacket of the nation specific unit. Take the early war British heavy tank brigade, well armoured, slow, under gunned and prone to breakdowns. We can create this effect through out technology system, but also giving the player the freedom to steer his country the way he wishes.

      There are of course exceptions to the theoretical and practical rules. One of these is land doctrine’s. Here the theory is focuses in on specific doctrine paths, while the practical, which is gained from more general combat, covers all of them. So in the pre-war countries will be at the more efficient researching inside their area of doctrine expertise but you gain new experience from combat continues will able to ‘steal’ doctrine ideas from other countries.

      Finally how is research done? It is no longer tied to IC, nor does it use techteams. Stay tuned next week for how this all ties together.

      Okies, here is a look of the map in terrain mapmode when zoomed out over europe.

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