[M2TW] Europa Barbarorum 2

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    • [M2TW] Europa Barbarorum 2

      Hier mal die Vorstellung zur schon sehr erfolgreichen Modifiktaion "Europa Barbarorum" für ROME und dem nun folgenden zweiten Teil für Medieval 2.

      Developing Units for Europa Barbarorum 2

      It's been a few months since we made our last Stele, and it's about
      time we give some feedback to EB fans about how the development is
      going. So, in this 4th Stele, I will divide it in 2 parts: current
      development situation, where you get to know how things are progressing
      and a second part where I give you an idea of how we are developing
      units for the mod.

      I hope you like this Stele format and keep visiting our forum, asking
      questions, placing suggestions and giving your feedback. Very soon we
      will compile them into a development FAQ, where we will answer your
      questions, in the best way possible.

      Current Development Situation:

      This is always a tough part to write, since so many things happen at
      the same time, with different degrees of completeness. So, I will split
      this part into sections, so this will be more understandable.


      I think this is a good place to start from. The team is comprised of
      about 60 people, not all of them active, but enough to provide all the
      info we need to work: historians, programmers, modelers, skinners,
      illustrators, multimedia specialists and support people (website,
      control version software and programming tools). We are always looking
      for talented people, from every one of those areas, to join us, since
      the huge scope of this project requires a large team of devoted
      members. Also, a large number of the current members are still involved
      in the final stages of development for the EB1.1 release.

      Social Structure:

      Basically, this was where we started. The EB1 system is being revamped
      to seize many new possibilities offered by the M2TW:K engine. We are
      mixing concepts like culture and religion to provide a somewhat complex
      system where the player will have a tough time trying to balance all
      the variables in each conquered region, so that it can go from a
      rebelious to a fully integrated provice of your growing empire.

      We are still discussing this, but there's already some coding done, to provide an experimental base for adjustments.

      Traits and Ancillaries:

      We are importing traits and ancillaries from EB1, before we begin
      coding them using the much-improved code instructions that M2TW:K
      provides. There's still a lot of work to do here, but things are


      We are finishing the process of identifying the units which will be
      part of EB2. We know this is something that will suffer changes well
      into the first release, but this is an important part of the unit
      development process, and it's good that we're about to finish the list.

      We will be using the Eras funcionality of M2TW:K to reflect the
      factional recruitment, since each faction will be able to recruit more
      than 100 units. So, no more need to replace the EDU file to be able to
      find a factional unit in the full roster, before a MP or custom battle.
      One of the Eras will already show all you need.

      No coding for now; just listing the units and their factions.

      Unit Development:

      I will be putting more detail into this section later, but the
      situation is that we are still in the beginning. As you know, M2TW:K
      offers better graphics and the ability to have several skins in the
      same texture file, which allows for a lot of diversity within the same
      unit. However, this also means much more work to be done, from
      concepting, to modeling and skinning. So, we made a great recruitment
      effort among modelers and skinners from several games (RTW, M2TW,
      M&B and even Crysis), which brought a new batch of talented people
      into the team. With them, and some others that we are still searching
      for, we expect to surpass the number of models made for EB1, with much
      more skins.


      This is another area which is still in the beginning. We are currently
      producing the overhand spear animations for greek phalanx, before we
      move on to the macedonian phalanx and the slingers. A lot of work still
      to be done here.

      Unit Stats:

      Nothing done in this field yet, as was expected.

      Loading Screens and UI:

      This is a part which is progressing very well. The loading screens are
      almost finished and we are also changing the UI for each culture.


      For now, we are concentrating our illustration efforts in the concept
      art for new units. Though we have started recently, I think this is
      going to have a good impact into the unit development process.

      Stratmap Buildings:

      Not much done in this field yet, but we have recently recruited an
      artist that will specifically work in this area, so I expect to have
      some progress in the next Stele.

      Battlemap Buildings:

      This one is a tough part. There isn't yet any breakthrough into the
      World files, so we can't change the buildings in the battlemap for now.
      This is a major problem in any game that strives to build a
      non-medieval setting using M2TW, but we're convinced that sooner or
      later this breakthrough will happen.


      This is another area which is having a good progress, mainly due to the
      fact that new voicemods are being made for EB1.1 and they will be used
      in EB2 as well. Q-Celtic is completed; Pahlavan and Proto-Germanic are
      nearly finished.

      Developing Units:

      Following in Foot's footsteps, who gave a detailed account on how we started the EB2 development (read Stele #3), I'm going to tell you how we are conducting the unit development process and what's involved in it.

      Developing units for EB2 is a fun thing for historians and artists,
      since the former have to search their sources and come out with pieces
      of evidence that support their concepts, while the later have to
      produce a model or skin based on that concept and bring to life a unit
      which walked in the "real life" fields of battle more than 2000 years

      Procedures for Unit Development:
      1. Concept threads:
        the historians from each faction pick up a unit from the list already
        compiled of the units that will make it into EB2 and start a concept
        thread where they post pictures of murals, paintings, pieces of
        equipment, etc, which will serve as basis for the artists' work on
        models and skins. In these concept threads, there's also a lot of
        debate about the unit's characteristics and representation. In the end,
        the historian responsible for the thread gives the GO for the unit's
      2. Modeling Work Assignment: when the concept is nearing its
        conclusion, a modeler is assigned to the initial stage of the unit
        development. This is done mainly taking into account availability and
        the will of the artist.
      3. Modeling: the modeler picks one of the basic models, which
        was done sometime ago and does all the modeling process, posting
        questions on the concept thread as needed. In the end, the historian
        approves the model and it's ready for the skinning work.
      4. Skinning Work Assignment: the historians define how many
        skins are needed for that unit, and which attachments (shields, weapons
        and helmets) are to be used for each faction or group of factions. Once
        again, the skinners are assigned to make a certain skin based in the
        same conditions as for the modelers. The same skinner can do all the
        skins for a certain unit, or several skinners divide the work among
      5. Skinning: the skinners get the uvmaps produced for that unit
        and start the texturing process. They also post on the concept thread
        to get info from the historians. When each skinner finishes his work,
        he posts some pictures in the concept thread, which are evaluated by
        all team members, but specially from the respective Faction
        Coordinator, to be approved.
      6. Integrating the unit into the build: After approval, the
        artists upload their .mesh and .texture files into the build (we use
        SVN for version control) and inform the Project Manager or the Unit
        Integrator. These members use an internal tool that gathers individual
        unit XML files (with the required model and skin info for that unit)
        and assembles the battle_models.modeldb file. This great tool
        provides a safe way to "edit" that file without introducing errors,
        since makes several validations when reading the individual unit XML
        file, and showing in the screen any errors to be corrected.
      7. Ingame validation: in this step we validate how the unit
        looks ingame, and we take screenshots for all factional/cultural skins,
        so the historians can ask for any final adjustments.
      Unit Development Coordination:

      This is a series of tables with data for the assignment of historians
      and artists. We only show current assignments, which means that the
      name disappears from the list when the work is done. This way we can
      control who's working on what and how's the status.

      In here we have a small gift for you: the concept model for a new hellenic unit (which doesn't exist in EB1), called Euzonoi. Enjoy!

      And in here we offer you the vision of one of our ported (from EB1) loading screens. This one represents Makedonia. Enjoy!

      That's all for now, folks. I shall return with further news soon.



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    • Ein Jahr ist ziemlich realistische geschätzt. Ich denke mal das die open beta genauso wie EB1 um Weihnachten / Neujahr herum veröffentlicht wird.
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    • Europa Barbarorum Developement Stele 5

      Stele #5 - The Guild

      Merlkir schrieb:

      I'm a new concept artist for Europa Barbarorum II and it's my pleasure today to tell you something about how these concept artworks are made.
      The first task I got was to paint the Gestikapoinann, Lusitanian spearmen. I liked the patterns they have on their shields and also the equipment was rather simple so it was a good starting piece. I was supplied with good information by the wonderful historians of EB. If I needed anything more, I just had to ask ;)
      The process of painting/drawing concept art varies with different projects. I could sketch the characters and paint right away, I could sketch and paint quickly to get the atmosphere right...
      Since EB II is so much based on historical accuracy, I decided to paint it as real looking as I could. That meant getting a friend of mine pose for a reference photo so I can get the pose and anatomy just right. He posed for both characters and it was rather complicated, but it all worked out in the end. Then I would sketch in the bone structure to see how the clothing and armor would fold and deform.
      After that comes the actual hard work. Painting everything in shades of grey. I chose this approach because it allows me more control of values and shape definition. I kept adding detail until I was satisfied with the result. I also posted a WIP version on the forums for approval. It looked like this. You can see that only the soldier on the left is detailed, the right one is still unfinished.

      People noticed some glitches in anatomy and also perspective of the round shields. I fixed those. (or at least tried to ;) the best I could)
      Then came the next stage which was adding color. I tried several color schemes until I was happy with the result. Then I painted in the background. I didn't think about it much and it was still missing something. The colors were right, the lighting was ok, but it just lacked something. Through some tricks with paper textures I achieved a more „traditional“ painting look and suddenly the background looked more interesting. Also it got the picture closer to what I was trying to achieve the whole time. I really admire the historical work Angus McBride has done for Osprey books. I tried to come a bit closer to his style than my usual own.

      This is the finished painting of Gestikapoinann. I hope you've enjoyed this Stele. If you have any questions about the process or painting in general, feel free to ask. I might even answer ;)
      Also, I would like to ask anyone willing to help EB II and concept art in particular to go to this thread :(not only will you help EB, but you'll also get your name in the mod's credits :)

      link to the relevant help thread:
      Help with taking photo reference for Concept Art! - The Guild

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    • Da Bonny ja leider zur Zeit kein Internet hat, stell ich mal die neuen Sachen rein.

      Europa Barbarorum Developement Stele 6

      Stele 6 - Pergamon

      Der Beitrag ist sehr lang.
      Ich packe mal nur schnell was hier fürs Auge rein. ;)

      Faction Symbol

      Victory Conditions

      Akontistai by blank

      Akontistai by Martelus Flavius

      Hoplitai by Megalos

      Hoplitai shield emblems

      Hoplitai helmet variants

      Hoplitai Poses #1

      Hoplitai Poses #2

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    • Bonny, hat etwas gedauert bis du hier mal wieder was aufgeziegt hast.
      Aber es hat sich gelohnt.
      Macht ihr nur fleißig weiter, denn für diesen Mod werde ich Empire auch wieder zur Seite legen und Medieval 2 mit seinen "blöden" Rittern rausholen und diese Ritter erbarmungslos ersetzen.

      Ich hab eigentlch solange darauf gewartet, dass diese Ritter verschwinden, aber hätte auch nie gedacht das ein Antikmod solange braucht um für Medieval 2 zu erscheinen.
      Nach Rome dachte ich kommt auch ganz schnell für Medieval 2 ein Antikmod raus, aber leider erst zwei Jahre später. :(

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    • Ich habe mal ne Frage. PLant ihr ein, die Kimber und Teutonen als Horde irgendwie einzubauen? Die sind ja äußerst wichtig und es würden sich viele drüber freuen. Auch sind sie wichtig für die Mariusreform der Römer.

      Und die andere Frage. Wann seid ihr fertig? :P