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  • Any ETA for a translated version?

    Also, as few things i though about, isn't Bakaresh supposed to be a Large Town, because, seriously, it isnt very big in Gothic 3, and i think it could be better being only one settlement, same as Geldern.

    And the Pass to Varant is supposed have an "S" like format, with a Semi-Arid climate maybe, and there wasn't any mountains west of Al-Shedim and east of the Temple of Mora Sul, only low mountains with some palm trees by the little "Gulf".

    And i remember that the area north of Vengard was a pass to Nordmar, a forest, adn there was also an Orc Camp there.

    Also, is it possible to make the portal to the Unknow Lands near Geldern, maybe add an event that opens it and allows you to move armies there and conquer it.

    Other than that, the mod is basicaly close to perfect!! :D

  • So i made a few sketches to show my thoughs (i thought it would be better as their own post)

    So, first, Bakaresh:

    The light green lines are region borders (the new regions don't need to be added, they are optional, just as a sugestion).
    The green lines is where that (REALLY) dense forest at the coast should be, and i think adding Fertile area tiles below Ben Sala could be done too.
    The brown lines are where mountains should be, grey dots are where the new towns (if added, and with farmland tiles below) should be, and the black mark is where Bakaresh (if made only one town) should be.

    Now the Pass to Varant:

    Light green area is where the pass should be.
    The grey mark is where the bandits camp at the pass should be (if added)
    Blue lines are region borders.

    Pass to Nordmar (Near Vengard):

    The green lines is the way the pass would be (A forest, dense and woodlands, with farmland tiles below the Orc Camp).
    The grey spot is where the Orc Camp (if added) should be.
    And the Blue lines are the region borders (if added).

    Whew! :D

    EDIT: How do i make a spoiler?

  • That depends on the difficulty, i guess - i play very hard/very hard. The southern orcs captured the whole island of khorinis and the nomads are close to extinction. Myrtana only controls Vengard and Ardea.
    But a few changes of the units are already in progress for version 1.1

    I like your map changes but not the idea of more settlements - we have enough settlements in every corner of the world.

  • Hello =) Developers are you planning in the near future release patch fix uberayuschy images that remain from the original and also fixes bugs that lead to the fall of the game MTW 2 Kingdoms if so - the approximate time the patch .. Thanks in advance =)
    ..virtually every campaign falls to 100 - 150 turns. And why in the Valley Campaigns of Mines half of the map is not involved in any way in the campaign?

  • I doubt that 1.1 will be out soon. The part of the team who takes care of the ideas and bugfixes is highly understaffed, the greater part of the team left or is on a longer break. 1.1 might come in the future, but without some of our planed features.

  • Hi all) We just finished doing a translation of this mod for Russian players and already full measure enjoy the game but a lot of questions about the adventurers? Today, I will describe the specific situation.
    1. Scattered throughout the world of the book. If I correctly understood the book needed to borrow money and make empty bag adventurer. Right?
    2. To adventurers began to find the necessary ingredients, for example for the runes, we should just send it to the Journey to the world? Or how to properly do that our adventurer searched and found to have the resources?
    3. Consider the following situation. My adventurer found a gold coin, which is needed for runes "Light." I sent him to Trelis, at the expiration of course I get a message that the rune game "Light" is ready. The book, which is located near the retinue Trelis appears this rune.

    If I'm right, this rune produced my adventurer?
    4. If so, how this rune whom - something to pass in the game?
    5. And just now I received a message that it is ready Fleece "fire rain", but searching for it on the books I have not found it anywhere? Where is she?

    Developers, please write us an answer to these questions, it you LTAC Ankara razobratsya many players in the gaming aspects =)
    Sincerely, Stormbringer1974

  • I'm not totally sure what you want to say, but the book has (afaik) no purpose regarding the distribution of the runes.

    This is the way it should work:
    1) Your adventurer gathers enough ingredients to produce a rune.
    2) You send your adventurer into a city with the required buildings for rune inscription.
    3) The event should pop up where you are informed that a rune has been produces. (This one: )

    4) Now, the text of the event states that the rune is only for the character type assassins ("Für: Attentäter"). You have to decide, which one of your assassins you want the rune to help. Then you have to select this assassin (before selecting any other assassins [probably even characters, I'm not really familiar with how the script works]).
    5) Your assassin should now posess the rune.

    To sum it up: When the event appears, you have to select the character, you want to give the rune to. If you select any other character (e.g. books, because they are technically characters), this one will get the rune (like the book did in your first screenshot).


  • Hello, I want to congratulate the team for this wonderful mod.

    Anyway, first order of business :P

    I have to ask for advice. I learned how to make factions into hordes, so that the campaign will spiced up a bit.
    The reason I've done this is that it did not make sense for me and my type of gameplay for the factions to go down so easily (especially the more Nomads, whose settlements are underdeveloped, and they get steamrolled quite easily, it didn't made sense to me that they were not a horde). This type of reasoning could be applied for each faction. As such I took the liberty to edit the faction-descr file.

    I took the example you used for the Orc Mercenary faction (Poland), and applied it to each faction, but with each faction with its appropriate units, for example:
    - the royalist rebel units and the Myrtanian archers for Myrtana (hre),
    - Hashishi units for the Hashishin (egypt),
    - nomads and slaves for the Nomads of Varant (moors),
    - orc warriors and scouts for the Northern Orcs (england),
    - same for the Southern Orcs (turks),
    - clan specific units and warriors and archers for Nordmar,
    - and light mercenaries and Myrtanian archers for Onar's Soldiers (russia).

    It worked for Myrtana, the Northern Orcs and the Mercenaries, but it didn't work for the peoples of Varant and the Souther Orcs and Nordmar.

    I don't understand why the same procedure didn't work for all of the factions, so I've decided to ask you for help. Could you take a look at the file give me a helping hand? :)



    Download descr file:

    Secondly, I've made a few savegames for those interested. Both are in the main campaign, kingdom of Myrtana, late campaign, one with the whole map "discovered" (no longer in dark shadow), the other not, one under King Rhobar, the other under King Cedrik. Both savegames are rather finished, since most buildings are built, have a high ammount of florins, the peoples of Varant, Nordmar and the Merceneries are vassals, while also at peace with the Orcs, Immaculate reputation, in good diplomatic relationship with most factions.




  • We tried to make a 1.1 and later a 1.05, but the greater part of the team is gone or has no time to continue. So... yes, we kinda "broke up".

    It is very sad news. But many players, including I hope that the work on your project will be resumed. All - did your job. your project. mod is not forgotten and is very popular among Russian-speaking fans of the series Gothic ​​games and Total War. We believe in you!

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